• Our Humble Beginnings

    In the late 1990s, our family began producing salt for the European Market. Ethics and honesty was the core of our business as we set out to grow a company built on strong family values.

  • Growth

    Through the years, our company branched into several countries and established strong business relationships in the salt industry. After years of providing reputable service and high quality salt, our company grew rapidly and expanded into the United States.

  • Acquisition

    Between 2010 and 2012, we traveled the world and secured exclusivities with several salt producers in 5 countries. In addition, we acquired our own rock salt mine consisting of over 3000 acres. We created a full turnkey operation including mining, trucking, screening, washing, loading and international shipping.

  • Ice Melts

    With high demands in the US, it became prevalent to provide our clients with bagged materials. In 2014, we began full distribution of bagged rock salt, ice melts, and calcium chloride.

  • Joint Buyer Program

    In 2015, we initiated the Joint Buyer Program (JBP) for medium to large bulk salt buyers. The program offers our clients the opportunity to purchase bulk salt in smaller quantities, while benefiting from reduced vessel pricing.

  • Today


    Leed Salt has built an exceptional reputation by providing our clients precisely what we promise. We have successfully positioned ourselves in the salt industry by securing multiple sources of supply, establishing turnkey operations, and delivering the highest quality products. Controlling our own mines and facilities has enabled us to offer our clients outstanding quality at un-matched pricing.

In 2015, Leed Salt initiated the Joint Buyer Program (JBP) for medium to large bulk salt buyers, such as snow professionals, landscapers, property managers, smaller municipalities, sand and gravel yards….. The program allows our clients to purchase smaller quantities of bulk salt at reduced pricing. Joint purchasing offers numerous advantages which include the following:

  • Green Circle    Cost savings up to $20 per ton.

  • Green Circle    Purchase directly from the source, thus eliminating brokers/middlemen.

  • Green Circle    Control your own supply and cost.

  • Green Circle    Have the power to purchase full or partial vessels as needed.

  • Green Circle    Avoid inflated pricing during periods of shortage.

For more information and program eligibility, please contact us with your annual tonnage requirements.

BUY DIRECT FROM THE SOURCE .. We own and operate our rock salt mine consisting of over 3000 acres. In addition, we have long term exclusivities with several large solar salt producers. We created full turnkey operations including mining, crushing, screening, washing, trucking, loading and international shipping. Our vessels deliver bulk rock salt, solar salt, and salt blends throughout Europe, The United States, and Canada.

Rock Salt

Green Circle   Premium Mined Dry Salt

Green Circle   Moisture : <1%

Green Circle   Purity: 96% to 99%

Green Circle   Color: Clear Crystal

Green Circle   Size: Screened As Requested

Solar Salt I

Green Circle   Premium Solar Salt

Green Circle   Moisture: 2% to 3%

Green Circle   Purity: > 95%

Green Circle   Color: White

Green Circle   Size: Screened As Requested

Solar Salt II

Green Circle   Road De-Icing Solar Salt

Green Circle   Moisture: 3% to 4%

Green Circle   Purity: > 95%

Green Circle   Color: White

Green Circle   Size: 0 - 12 MM Screened

Leed Blend

Green Circle   Road De-Icing Blend

Green Circle   Moisture: 1.5% to 2.5%

Green Circle   Purity: > 96%

Green Circle   Color: White Blend

Green Circle   Size: 0-12 MM Screened

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Leed Salt will work diligently to meet your needs and deliver what we promise. We carefully evaluate each client requirements in order to provide the optimum solution for the best price. Please contact us for a custom quote.

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